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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Planes, trains, automobiles and more!!!

We have travelled on planes, trains, automobiles, mono-rails, ferries, buses and sky rails during our stay in Sydney!!! I din't think it leaves anything left???

We had a great day at Taronga Zoo today. Started out cool and overcast but soon cleared up and became comfortably warm. We saw lots of great exhibits, and enjoyed it all immensely. There is a bit of construction going on, so didn't see a couple of animals. I had my photo taken with a giraffe, and at the last minute Megan jumped in the photo with me! There are lots of different animals there.

We took the train from the city, and then caught the ferry to the Zoo. It is a great way to go.

We went to the Chinatown Night Markets last night.

Megan and Ben on the ferry enroute to the Zoo.

Ben posing with his koala friend.

The view of the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Sydney Tower from the Zoo.

Megan getting to know a turtle.

A Komoda Dragon.

Megan and Ben at the Zoo with the awesome skyline.

A squirrel (these little guts are tiny and very quick. He held still for a split second for me)

A peahen posing for me while we waited for the Gorilla Talk.

A big silver back gorilla (32 yrs old)

A baby and mummy gorilla.
A Fishing Cat.

A Sumatran Tiger (I am proud of this photo).

A happy little Zoo visitor.

Megan pretending to be a Fennec Fox. Don't you love this big ears?

A Star Tortoise.

A chameleon.

A cute young giraffe.

Ben took this photo of Megan and I having our photo taken with a giraffe.

A giraffe.

A penquin busily swimming.

Megan with her toy meerkat from the Zoo on the sky rail going back down to the ferry.


  1. Fantastic photos. That tiger looks very majestic, I would be proud of the pic as well.

  2. looks like a fantastic holiday
    love your pics

  3. you have some great photos there Wendy and you look as though you are having a fab time! I love going to Sydney. You are going to be very busy scrapping them when you get home.

  4. Great photos them all.