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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Kids First Plane Trip

Well, we are in Sydney. The children loved their plane trip from Mackay to Brisbane, and then Brisbane to Sydney. They were a little disappointed that there weren't any loops etc during the trip!!!!!!!!!

We went around on the monorail this afternoon, and then walked up to Martin Plaza and found the Ch 7 studios. Michael wants to go there one morning and watch "Sunrise" morning show as it happens. We are going to explore Circular Quay tomorrow, and go on a ferry trip around the harbour. On Friday afternoon we going to the Opera House to see Cirque Le Grande.


  1. Love your pics Wendy, looks like you are all having a fantastic time!!

  2. I bet the kids loved it!! They are so lucky to get the opportunity!!
    Hope you have a really great sydney holiday!! See you on the morning show tomorrow!!!

  3. great to see you all enjoying your holiday!! Love the pics :0)