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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Our Sunday in Sydney

I am so proud of my children! We walked for many kilometres today, as we have also done every day of our stay in Sydney. They have never once complained about having tired legs or whinged!! Michael and I have been physically had it, and the kids keep powering on.
We walked the couple of kms to the Sydney Tower, toured through there and admired the views. Afterwards we walked through Hyde Park, visited St Mary's Cathedral, walked through The Domain, visited the NSW Art Gallery, strolled around the Royal Botanic Gardens, walked out to Mrs McQuarries Chair, back around to The Rocks and then headed home via train.
Every day we have been out of our motel room by 9am and haven't returned until at least 5pm. Long days, but so much fun! We are staying in a 2 bedroom apartment in Breakfree on George. A great motel - thoroughly recommend it. We saw the PMs wife strolling through the Art Gallery.

Sunset from our balcony last night.
One of the views from the Sydney Tower.

Another view.

And another.

Ben admiring the views.

Megan admiring the views.

Megan and Ben riding the escalators. They love them.

We saw this creation at Hyde Park. It is made from soft drink cans, and plastic cups. It looks a bit like a Tassie Devil......?

The sight of the Sydney Tower from Hyde Park.
Inside St Mary's Cathedral.
This statue at the Art Gallery fascinated Megan and Ben

A statue in the Botanic Gardens.

Ben and I relaxing in Mrs MacQuaries Chair.

The view of the Harbiur Bridge and the Opera House from near Mrs MacQuaries Chair.

A self portrait.


  1. Whew, I am exhausted just hearing about all the miles you have traipsed and all the things you have seen. As usual great pics.

  2. love your walking tour of Sydney town and the great pics to show for it....well done Wendy

  3. What a fabulous holiday. You look so relaxed and I can't believe how grown-up Ben and Megan are!!