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Thursday, January 8, 2009

From Sydney

It is cool, overcast and a bit drizzly here in Sydney. So, our plans changed a bit. We walked over to Darling Harbour and explored all around there. Michael went on and toured the HMAS Vampire and the submarine HMAS Onslow. The kids and I went up the lighthouse. I just happened to come across a shop that sells Pandora bracelets. So of course I went in and bought a lovely silver and pink bead to add to my bracelet!!!!!! We checked out the Chinese Gardens - just lovely. We walked across the Pyrmont Bridge to the Aquarium for lunch. We didn't go in as the line up was RIDICULOUS. Apparently dugongs have recently been added to the display so everyone wanted to go and see them. We have seen the dugong at Seaworld, so we decided to give it a miss. After lunch we walked over to the Powerhouse Museum. An awesome place!!! How is this for a small world??? Walking around the Harbour we ran into a policeman acquittance we have known for years. He and his wife are down here for 2 days, from Western Qld.

Michael, Megan and Ben at Powerhouse Museum.

Ben and a cool Brolga Fountain at Darling Harbour.

Michael on the HMAS Vampire.

Megan and Ben going down the stairs of the Lighthouse.

Megan at the top of the Lighthouse.

Ben at the top of the Lighthouse.


The kids in front of the Endeavour.

We found the British Lolly Shop at Darling Harbour.

Megan enjoyed a carousel ride at the Harbour.

Megan and Ben outside the Chinese Gardens.

Tomorrow we are going to The Rocks and the Opera House.


  1. Wow you guys look as though you are all having a ball. Keep on having fun. :>

  2. Great photos Wend!!! You;ll have plenty to scrap when you get back home. Great to see you're having such a great time.