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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh My God !!!!!!!

I arrived home from work this afternoon to find a note from the carrying company saying that they had a parcel for me and could I please go and get it. Needless to say, I got the children sorted and back in the car and raced down!!! The parcel was from Dell!!!! Was else could it be but the laptop I won from Ness at Scrap With V !!!!!

As soon as I got home I opened the box, and there it was!!!! It was gorgeous!!!! It was pink and silver !! and..... it was for me!!!!!

I love it Ness!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so very much!!!! How cool is that? Spend $100 shopping for scrapping supplies (really hard to do!!) and get the chance to win a laptop.

I LOVE that it is pink!! I will always remember Scrap With V, Ness and all the beautiful members!!

Have I mentioned that I love it !!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!! Love it!!!!!


  1. Lucky girl!!! And you hardly had a to lift a finger to win it!!

  2. OMG Wendy!!! You lucky, lucky thing! What an amazing prize!!! Congratulations!
    .. And I see you have been very busy creating lots of beautiful work. I adore all your layouts. You are extremely talented.

    Debbie M

  3. Congrats Wendy wow what a colour

  4. No problems Wendy, glad you like it. Of course it had to be pink, it was coming from me LOL!!