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Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Kids Have Been Busy.....

The kids have had a busy week with tennis on Monday, swimming squad on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, and piano lessons on Thursday. As well as school!! They have slept soundly every night.
Last Friday Megan won a student of the week award for "Your initiative when completing our reading rotation tasks. You follow the timetable well and encourage others to demonstrate the same maturity".
Yesterday Ben won one for "The contributions you make to Shared Reading during Literacy. You are always completely engaged in the story and have demonstrated a very good understanding of the vocabulary in the texts. Well done!". They were both pretty chuffed!

As well as all of this they have done the kids challenges at the SWV Cybercrop.

These are their cards:



These are the layouts they created:



Besides working for 2 days, I have had a busy week finishing off assessment pieces for my uni subjects. For "Academic Literacies" I had to do a 1500 word essay on the 3 most important employability skills in education profession , and for "Northern Perspectives" I had to do a powerpoint presentation on culturally competent policies in my workplace. After I submitted my last piece last night, I slept solidly last night!!! Today I have been busy today catching up on the grocery shopping, house work, and ironing, and then this evening we had a leadership mass for the Yr 7 school leaders, for the kids school. Both Megan and Ben put their hand up to help at the mass, and both got a short reading to do. It is great to see that they are confident enough to get up in front of an audience and public speak. Something that is my worst fear!!


  1. Woohoo Megan and Ben!!! Well done, you should both be very proud of yourselves! I love your layouts and card too, you've been very busy.

    Very pleased you've finished those assignments Wend.

  2. What a lovely idea to get your kids involved with your hobby too. And having a Year 7-er myself, I can see it's going to be a busy year for all of us. Will keep in touch.

  3. the kids did a great