Some of my fave layouts

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cybercrop Layouts So Far

All of the challenges at the SWV cybercrop are awesome!!!!!
So far, I have completed 3 of the layout challenges and the card challenge. Still got 2 to go.

My challenge that I set: Had to make a frame for the photo, re-use scrap supplies packaging, use polka dots, incorporate something that flies.

Brigitte's challenge: mostly blue layout, use paint or ink, use something recycled, and have the word Water in the title.

Taryn's Mystery Challenge:

Tina's Card Challenge: use as many brightly coloured ribbons as possible, chipboard, flower and doodling.


  1. All gorgeous layouts Wend and your card is really cool.

  2. Awweeeesome stuffs Wendy !! me too looooove your card, it's sooo gorgeous and funky :)

    Brigitte G.