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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sports Photos

We travelled to Blackwater today for Ben's soccer carnival. He played really well, probably the best he has ever played!!! He ran all day and did awesome defending!! They did not win any of their games, but they certainly tried hard. Ben got Player of the Day for his Clermont team. He is pretty chuffed about that!!

Recently the kid's school held their sports carnival. They both enjoyed it, and gave their all.

This is the first year for the High Jump, Long Jump and Shot Put for Megan, as they only do these events when they get to Year 4. She also went in the 100m and 200m, also in the ball games.

Ben only had the 75m sprint, tabloid games and ball games. Being in Grade 2 they are fairly restricted on their events.

I was working in the recording tent, so didn't manage to get too many photos, however Michael called in while he was working and took some.


  1. Well done Ben and Megan! YAY!!

  2. WOW Wendy, some great sports photos there!! Congrats on the achievements this weekend!!
    Cant wait to see those in layouts